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Come on one of our English guided tours. If the dates don't work for you, please get in touch to find out more about a private tour for you and your group.


Guided walk: Dark deeds in Roskilde

Come on this guided walking tour and discover the darker side of the city of Roskilde.

As we walk around the old streets of Roskilde, you'll hear tales of the ghastly ghosts and unexplained happenings, cold-blooded criminals and hard-hearted executioners, unlikely witches, royal murders and parts of Roskilde's history that you don't often find in history books.

Wrap up in your warm clothes, brave the cold winter weather and join us on this alternative guided walk.

Price 125 kr

Meeting place: Stændertorv by the fountain

Duration: 75 minutes

Dates and times

9th February 5.30 pm


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Guided walk: Get to know Roskilde

Are you new to Roskilde and Denmark? Get to know your new city on this guided walk. Hear about Roskilde's long and fascinating history from the Vikings through to the modern day - all in just 90 minutes! 

We'll meet by the 3 jars on the square by the station, walk through the oldest part of the city to the cathedral - a UNESCO world heritage site, and end by the harbour - taking in all the sights on the way. On the way, you'll also be introduced to life in Denmark, Danish culture and perhaps even find out why in spite of the weather Danes are regularly considered to be some the world’s happiest people.

The walk is around 3km and will be in English.

Price 125 kr

Meeting place: The 3 jars by the station

Duration 90 minutes

Dates and times

12th March 2 pm

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